Monday, January 19, 2009

Don't Say Thank You!

I was walking to church this afternoon and I came across an elderly woman. Because I was already running behind, my pace was much quicker than hers, and I’d planned to quickly exchange polite greetings, and then scurry on my merry way. But as we were both traipsing through the ankle deep mud/snow slosh, I happened to look down and notice that she was wearing an open heeled slipper, as opposed to my thick heavy boots. I couldn’t help but comment on her shoes so I slowed my pace to equal hers, and our conversation went something like this…

Me: “Hello, Happy new year!”

Old lady: “Happy new year!”

Me: “How are you? How are you able to walk in the snow? Aren’t your feet cold and wet?”

Old Lady: “No, I walk very slowly and carefully.”

Me: “Okay. Well Happy New Year.”

Old Lady: “You too. May you have a baby boy this year!” (This is a common blessing to give a married woman…baby boys are so cherished here!)

Me: “Thank you!”

Old lady (now in a scolding voice): “No don’t say thank you!”

Me (perplexed): “Why?”

Old lady: “You just need to go home and make a baby boy!”

Me (now very entertained by this lady): “Why?”

Old lady (almost whispering, as if she’s sharing an age old secret): “Because your husband will love you more! If you have a baby boy, your husband will love you more!”

At this point, the lady reached her destination, we exchanged goodbyes, and I laughed to myself all the way to church.


Janelle said...

hahaha... well, get on with it then!

Jacob said...

I would be wary of increasing Steve's love for you. Steve's love has been known to leave people in unmentionable states...let's just say face melted off...