Thursday, March 12, 2009

Drip, Drip, Brrrrr, Drip.

Steve and I have gotten into the horrible habit of not getting simple repairs done on our house. For 1, having the owner over means that we have to clean...really clean (but shhh...don't tell the neighbors that Steve helps! This could RUIN his reputation and mine!!)and 2, watching the owner's workmanship really stresses me out (see blog: Culture Shock: Round 2). Well, Steve and I endured a grueling and cold winter with very little water pressure coming from the boiler. It got to the point that the water pressure was so weak that we were avoiding showers and only bathing once or twice a week. Gross. I even went to a friend's place to get myself washed up! Well, after we couldn't tolerate the slow cold drips any more, we finally succumbed and called the owner.

This was the culprit...

Build-up in our pipes! Looks like calcium deposits to us, but the owner insisted it was salt! I'm glad to say, regular showers are back in our routine!


Amber Price said...

no more hats to church for you! =)

mrs.fitz said...

love this one. I rarely call my landlord either, but water pressure would break me down much quicker than it did for you!