Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Getting Ready to Go

As I was going to bed last night, I was feeling a bit remorseful that I have not better documented my incredible experiences during my time in Albania. I have felt intimidated by blogging, feeling the need to post perfectly worded, wonderfully humorous stories with incredible pictures to boot! What a shame to forget the funny and unique happenings of the last 4 years, but even more so, the things God has done to soften (and toughen) my heart and transform my character. I would hate to forget these things, and have to learn them all over again!!

So, as I am preparing myself mentally, spiritually, and physically for my return to the States, it feels really important to me to reflect and record about my time here. To meditate on the the things God has taught me, and the emotional process of leaving. So, I intend to do a lot more blogging the month of May...not so much for you, the reader...but as an avenue for me to process my thoughts. Posting them publicly simply keeps me accountable to actually doing it.

See?? That wasn't beautiful written, insightful, or funny...and I'm posting it anyways (and only proof-reading once!!) Hey, that's progress! =)


lady2beetle said...

Oh, Kristin. :) You need to write more on your blog. Why? Not because I look forward to your beautifully written posts, though I think your writing is just fine. I look forward to reading your blog because I look forward to hearing from you. It's the only connection I have with you, really. If I wanted to read a perfectly worded and politically correct publication, I could find any number of those on the internet. I want to hear from YOU. How are we supposed to follow you through your journey if you don't share the ups AND downs with us? So, yeah... I'm babbling. My point is that this isn't just a string of stories about a missionary trip. This is a blog of YOUR journey. So, never be afraid to put YOURSELF into it. And if you aren't perfect, why should your blog be, so long as it's you?

ajplays said...

Perfection is the enemy of art, "Kristin."