Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Bright Side of Life!

After writing my previous post, I decided to challenge myself by also posting 10 positive things that have happened in the last 36 hours. Here we go!

10) Blessed by friends helping us get all of our bags to the bus station.
9) A wonderful send-off...tearful, but not unbearable. And really, this also refers to all of the goodbyes in the last week.
8) We like our hotel room..and we get free internet...using skype and talking to friends and family feels like a godsend!
7) Saw Robin Hood in theaters last night. Didn't love it, but I did love the theater ambiance and eating ridiculous amounts of popcorn!
6) Breakfast provided by the hotel was decent, and I especially liked the yogurt and peaches.
5) Had a super yummy salmon, cream-cheese, on a poppy-seed bagel for lunch.
4) Met up with Albanian friends at Starbucks ...played Catan and I won...by a landslide!
3) Blessed by a surprise gift of 50 Euro! Really lifted our spirits and helped us justify our trip to the movies.
2) Finding a bus to get to Istanbul.
1) As I write this, it is beautiful outside, and Steve's meds (I found some Excedrin, didn't need to go to pharmacy after all) are kicking in!

"Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say rejoice!" It's against the will of my flesh, but that's what I'm choosing to do! =)


Katie B. said...

Can I add a future positive? That you are going to be home on June(insert date here)!! Just in case Amber is reading ;) Yay!

ajplays said...

10 things I like about this post:

10- it is happier than your previous post

9- it makes me want yogurt... and I have some!

8- Katie taking care of me in her comment ;)

7- Looking forward to playing the 2 person Catan card game with you when you get home.

6- You got some sugar to go with the lemons life gave you in your last post!

5- You are blogging again~ I've missed it!

4- It inspires me to blog again. YAY!

3- Steve feels better.

2- Popcorn "for dinner"

1- Knowing you are on the way home!