Monday, June 7, 2010


Before heading off to bed, after 2 wonderfully exhausting days, I just quickly have to brag...oh, excuse me, I mean share...about an unbelievably incredible part of the world our dear friends the Giles introduced us to...Cappadocia, Turkey! Since truly, words are incapable of doing this justice (and at 2 in the morning, I'm having a tough time remembering adjectives)...let me share a few pics, just to wet your pallet!

The above pictures were taken in an underground city. With James as our tour guide, we learned about how Christians (1200 AD??) built huge underground cities to save themselves from enemies...often these complex cities were seven stories below ground, and could fit a few thousand people for months at a time.


These following pictures were in Goreme Cappadocia. These "fairy chimneys" (the actual word for them, not a made-up name by Elise- one of the sweet little girls we were traveling with) contained hundreds of explorable hand carved caves...many, still in use today! words fail me...

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ajplays said...

Wow! Those caves are phenomenal! Ibet you never wanted to leave!